What is MISA?

The Ontario Ministry of Education's MISA initiative places emphasis on the use of data to support evidence-informed decision-making in classrooms, schools and districts. The goal of the initiative is to increase capacity in the use of data to support improved student achievement.

Who are we?

MISA Northeast PNC is the Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Professional Network Centre (PNC) of the school authorities and school boards of Northeastern Ontario.

Data Dev

The activity builds on 2011-12 Data System Leadership work with the LNS. This year, the MISA PNC will undertake to further regional knowledge connections between Board Improvement Planning and School Improvement Planning and the appropriate use of data/evidence for various purposes at the classroom, school, and district levels with a focus on student achievement. The Student Achievement subcommittee of the MISA PNC will work with the ministry's student achievement division and the regional office to develop appropriate professional learning resources/information to be provided to teams (eg. Student Success Leads, SEF, MISA Leaders, and other senior board leaders from each of the member boards). Professional development sessions will be offered to each of the member boards in an effort to identify best practices in improvement planning.

The first session is scheduled for February 26th in Sudbury. Further details can be found in the Events section.