What is MISA?

The Ontario Ministry of Education's MISA initiative places emphasis on the use of data to support evidence-informed decision-making in classrooms, schools and districts. The goal of the initiative is to increase capacity in the use of data to support improved student achievement.

Who are we?

MISA Northeast PNC is the Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Professional Network Centre (PNC) of the school authorities and school boards of Northeastern Ontario.

Businesswoman at a desk reading paperworkEngage an expert in the area of Assessment and Evaluation to work with member boards to develop and deliver professional learning aimed at the individual boards' needs regarding the generation and use of data for distinct purposes. It is anticipated that in-person "kick off" sessions will be held across the region with the expert. The purpose of these initial sessions will be to familiarize the boards with basic assessment and evaluation practices and terms and set the plan for the coming year. In addition, by conducting  separate sessions, the expert will get an understanding of the differing needs across the region and will be able to tailor learning to the specific needs. Travel for participants will be minimized and more teaching and school staff will be able to participate in the session. Additionally, the expert will work directly with board and school teams throughout the year providing direct coaching and professional learning via distance learning/videoconference.

Anticipated Outcomes

Resources and professional learning tailored to individual needs will allow educators/administrators to meet local needs while building a global collective understanding of how assessment and evaluation can drive instruction in a way that enhances student achievement, deepen understanding of assessment and evaluation as instruction; and, build professional networks among members.   The focus on semi-regional events will allow for individual boards to meet local needs and build local capacity in authentic ways. Individual boards, in collaboration with the expert will have the opportunity to create projects and implementation plans of a unique nature. The focus on assessment and evaluation is in keeping with current ministry initiatives and continues to be a focus of Board and School Improvement Plans. Using an expert in the field provides participants with ongoing support and assistance throughout the project. resources and materials, sessions, identification/prioritization of individual board needs.

Current Status Of Activity

Five boards (Nipissing Parry Sound CDSB, Near North DSB, Sudbury Catholic DSB, Huron Superior Catholic DSB, and Algoma DSB) have elected to participate in this activity. All five boards have selected Dr. Steven Katz to be their co-learning partner. Details regarding events can be found under Events.