What is MISA?

The Ontario Ministry of Education's MISA initiative places emphasis on the use of data to support evidence-informed decision-making in classrooms, schools and districts. The goal of the initiative is to increase capacity in the use of data to support improved student achievement.

Who are we?

MISA Northeast PNC is the Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Professional Network Centre (PNC) of the school authorities and school boards of Northeastern Ontario.

The Ministry mandate indicates that the Northestern MISA PNC include in its operational plan a strategy for advancing and supporting member boards' MISA Local Capacity Building efforts through the following:

  • professional learning;
  • research and evaluation; and,
  • promoting knowledge mobilization

The Northeastern PNC provided opportunities for MISA Leaders (through collaboration with directors of education) within each school board to sponsor local capacity building activities. These activities were designed to be self-directed by each school board, but at the same time, supported by and in alignment with the activities and directives of the Northeastern PNC.

We began by identifying areas of need and areas of strength. The intent was to align a need with strengths to capitalize on the expertise and experience of PNC members in an effort to provide supports to those who needed it. This process necessitated the development of a brief survey that identified such needs and strengths among the PNC members were then be matched accordingly.

The activities that were generated out of this process included PIM regional meetings, and a collaborative sharing and examination of data software, how it is used and how it might be more effectively operated.