What is MISA?

The Ontario Ministry of Education's MISA initiative places emphasis on the use of data to support evidence-informed decision-making in classrooms, schools and districts. The goal of the initiative is to increase capacity in the use of data to support improved student achievement.

Who are we?

MISA Northeast PNC is the Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Professional Network Centre (PNC) of the school authorities and school boards of Northeastern Ontario.

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Each MISA PNC Executive Lead, in cooperation with the MISA Leaders from regional school boards, is responsible for creating a detailed annual plan of operation and submitting this operational plan to the ministry for review and approval.

There are three general areas to be addressed in the annual MISA PNC operational plan. The MISA PNC proposes activities designed to meet the priority needs of the member boards.

  1. A Shared Vision

    The shared vision is essential in order for the efforts and culture of the PNC to be collaborative. The shared vision emphasizes communication, collaboration, and innovation as it identifies how the PNC builds a collective understanding among member boards in promoting evidence informed decision making to improve student outcomes.

  2. Method of Operation

    Each PNC develops its own framework of processes to promote effective operation. While the Executive Lead is responsible for administration of the PNC, decision-making is shared among all members. Each PNC identifies and documents a governance structure they intend to follow to ensure that members are involved in decision making.

  3. Activities

    Each PNC develops a strategy for advancing and supporting member boards' MISA Local Capacity Building efforts through the following:

    • professional learning;
    • research and evaluation; and,
    • promoting knowledge mobilization of the supports, resources, and tools developed by all MISA PNCs for use across the province.

MISA PNC activities are clearly linked to key board and ministry priorities and support boards to better utilize data and evidence to implement initiatives.

2012-2013 Annual Plan Areas

Assessment and Evaluation

Engage an expert in the area of Assessment and Evaluation to work with member boards to develop and deliver professional learning aimed at the individual boards' needs regarding the generation and use of data for distinct purposes. It is anticipated that in-person "kick off" sessions will be held across the region with the expert. The purpose of these initial sessions will be to familiarize the boards with basic assessment and evaluation practices and terms and set the plan for the coming year…

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Data Development

The activity builds on 2011-12 Data System Leadership work with the LNS. This year, the MISA PNC will undertake to further regional knowledge connections between Board Improvement Planning and School Improvement Planning and the appropriate use of data/evidence for various purposes at the classroom, school, and district levels with a focus on student achievement… 

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Privacy and Information Management

A PIM needs assessment was developed and implemented across all member boards in keeping with the 2011-2012 annual plan. Based on the results of the needs assessment, boards' strengths and weaknesses as well as priority areas for shared development of new resources were identified. The continued process of developing PIM resources in a collective manner and sharing accordingly will continue in the 2012-2013 year via regional meetings that provide opportunities for continued building of shared understandings around PIM regulations and requirements as well as working sessions for developing appropriate resources… 

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